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The Sickness's death metal page

Welcome to my web site

This site is dedicated to rock music featured bands include:Mudvayne,Slipknot,Linkin Park,Papa Roach,and Just added Cold and Staind, in the future there probably will be other bands but for now this is it. I feel that to make my page better I will just add 2 more on every few weeks. If you want to feature your band or your favorite ROCK bands then send me them at EricDraven@mudvayne.zzn.com

Information about me

My name is The Sickness and I am the biggest heavy metal fan. I live in a shit hole city in Michigan, I don't like people and my favorite thing to do is listen to music.


Please sign my guest book on the guest book page and take my survey on the contacts page. And I just add another 2 pages to my site featuring Cold and Staind,The next bands that I am going to put on are Marlyn Manson and Pantera. The only band that I refuse to put on are Metallica they are a disgrace to Metal music fucking pussy bitches.

Mudvayne's new DVD

Mudvayne has been kicking ass left and right lately with there video DIG and there insane live preformances and now they have a dvd coming out. It is 30 minutes long and has the video for DIG on it.
In other mud news their next single off of there debut album will most likely be Death blooms. It is a really good song. They are going to start shooting the video soon.

Guitarist of the month
#4 of the Slipknot crew James Root is the Guitarist of the month.

Band of the month

The band of the month is Linkin Park. With the release of there new Single "crawling" and there spot on the main stage at ozzfest this year you probably will be hearing alot from them. Good job

Slipknot has a title news on my whats new page

To vote for band and Guitarist of the month email me. EricDraven@mudvayne.zzn.com